Scholarship Report

Scholarship Fundraising Results – August/September 2020

What an amazing group of caring landowners in our Association! Even though we were denied our usual annual meeting social gathering, many folks stepped up and sent in donations to our scholarship fund. We received $3,913 in donations and sold $220 worth of maps (Thank you Leah), bringing our total to $4,133. That brings our bank balance up to $7,458.71. At the end of August we delivered 39 bottles of spray disinfectant and 2 cases of tissues to the Antonito schools along with a tray of cookies to the teachers and staff with a thank you note from the Sheep Creek Landowners Association thanking them for all they do. Thank you all for making a difference in our community.
Sheep Creek Ranch Scholarship Committee
Vicki Bader, Mary Thorne, Debra Crowe and Debra Castro

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