SCLA Annual Meeting, Potluck and Fundraiser Aug. 4, 2018

As a reminder, the Annual meeting is just around the corner.  The first Saturday in August we will have the August 4th Annual Meeting starting at 10:00 am, Silent Auction (following annual meeting) and Potluck (12:00 pm) at the Red Bear in Horca!  PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN LOCATION!!! 

The planning committee is asking everyone to bring a dish to share: 

  • Last names starting with A-I, please bring a main dish
  • Last names starting with J-R, bring a side or salad
  • Last names starting with S-Z, head up the desserts
  • Lemonade and Water will be provided
  • RSVP to Sharon Eanes at 505-459-3933 or

Give yourself plenty of time to shop the Silent Auction with all proceeds benefiting the Sheep Creek Scholarship Fund.  We are asking Sheep Creek Landowners to donate an item or cash for the auction.  Vicki Bader is handling this and can be reached at

Public Conference Call Board Meeting Monday 6/11 6:00 pm MDT

Message from Clint Crowe, SCLA Presdient –

We will hold a brief public conference call Board Meeting tomorrow
Please try hard to call in for as much of the meeting as possible.
Toll free number is 1 (866) 398-2885  access code 687701 …time 6 pm.
Thank you.

We have several new topics to get your input on. Here’s the overview:
1. Annual meeting is still Aug 4 at 10 am at THE RED BEAR followed by our auction and a potluck lunch. 
2. Southern Colorado fire danger is high. Labor Day weekend is our annual fire abatement chipping party hosted by Mr. Eanes. Help us keep Sheep Creek safe.
3. Our Community Water Plan has been submitted to CO State Dept Public Health by our Water Systems Manager, Rich Basinger. We are now a public utility.
Due to greatly increased water expenses, our water fees starting this next period go from $200 to $300.
4. Roads are currently being graveled and graded.
5. No significant beaver, aspen webworm, fir caterpillar or pine bark beetle sightings to-date.
6. Gate service completion is slow.
7. Healthy trout population in our pond is at an all time high. 
8. Get involved. Volunteer to be on a committee or the Board. We welcome your help. Suggest a nomination for the open positions on the ballot.

The annual letter to the membership will be signed by your SCLA Volunteer Board of Directors and will contain the ballot, the meeting schedule, and any of the above
topics you want to include and aims to be sent out next week.

The potluck lunch committee asks us to add to our letter the following information:

“Don’t miss the potluck lunch following the annual meeting at the Red Bear starting at 12:00pm. In lieu of paid admission, this is potluck. Last names starting with A-I, 
please bring a main dish. Last names with J-R, bring a side or salad and S-Z, head up the desserts!  We will provide lemonade and water and paper goods/plastic ware.  
Give yourself plenty of time to shop the silent auction with all proceeds benefitting the Sheep Creek Scholarship Fund.  Speaking of the silent auction, 
we are asking all residents to donate one item to auction, so be thinking about what you could donate. More information will be coming regarding the potluck
and auction this summer. “

Talk with you tomorrow,
(719) 376-2688

Severe drought and Fire Danger level worsening!

As most of you are aware, we had a dry winter and even drier spring.  Our fire danger level  will be going to a stage 1 fire ban on May 21st.  We’ve added the “Fire Danger Level” to our menu banner along with the signs at both entries of Sheep Creek.  Please be mindful of the extreme dryness.  This link has the most current drought information –


Jade Communication is coming Summer 2019!

As reported at our 2017 SCLA Annual meeting, Jade Communication will begin laying fiber optic line to bring high speed internet service to the Conejos Canyon by the summer of 2019.  Television and telephone service will also be available. For more details click this link:  Jade_Letter_to-Conejos_Canyon_4-2018.pdf (155 downloads)  If you have questions do not hesitate to contact them on the number listed on the letter. You can even reserve your line today!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Thank you!

The Scholarship Committee would like to thank all those that contributed to the success of our annual fund raising in order to provide scholarships to 3 awesome local students here in Conejos County.  We truly appreciate those sending checks even though you were unable to attend the annual meeting.  We could not do it without the financial donations along with the hard work of the scholarship committee, and contributions of time, auction items, food, and of course of wonderful entertainment from Chris Collins.  We always look forward to this annual event! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you

Thank you


We’re having a Sheep Creek photo contest!

Hi everyone! This is Leah Thomas of Leah Thomas and Chris Collins, your Sheep Creek neighbors on Tall Pines Trail. Vicki Bader, our wonderful long-time secretary has been wanting to update our Sheep Creek newsletter header. This is our current newsletter header:

SheepCreek Letterhead

Since through my business I have access to a variety of photos, Vicki asked me to work on a new header. Well, I thought it would be easy, right? Big horn sheep, mountains, rivers, creeks…so many possibilities. I looked through thousands of photos. Yes, literally! But there just wasn’t a photo that really represented this beautiful place.

I was frustrated and maybe just a little bit irritable. Then – light bulb! Of course! Who would have the perfect photo of this perfect place???!!! YOU! Sheep Creek Landowners… I know!

Finally to the point. We’re having a Sheep Creek photo contest!

It’ll be fun. It’ll be exciting. It’ll be less frustrating than looking at thousands of photos taken by other people who have never been to this special place.

The Rules:

  1. Look through your Sheep Creek photos.
  2. Select a photo that you think best represents Sheep Creek.
  3. If you can’t decide on just one, select two, but no more than two, please.
  4. Send your photo to before September 1st.

What happens then:

  1. Between Saturday September 2nd and Saturday September 9th go to our Sheep Creek web site, log in, and vote for the two photos you think best represent the feel and beauty of Sheep Creek.
  2. The voting results will be posted on our website Sunday, September 10th.
  3. I will incorporate the photo with the most votes into a design that will work for our newsletter header, sidebar, or footer.
  4. All photos entered into our contest will be added to our Sheep Creek photo gallery on our web site.
  5. Just a note: By entering your photo into the contest, you are agreeing that your photo will be posted on our web site and/or used for the Sheep Creek Landowners letterhead.

★This is exciting stuff!! Well, for me. Remember, I live here year-round and it’s a little – okay, a lot – quiet. This really is exciting stuff. As far as I know, we’ve never had a Sheep Creek contest. So-o-o-o…don’t be shy. Send me those photos. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got! ★