2019 SCLA Annual Meeting

Once again we had another successful annual meeting of the Sheep Creek Landowners Association held on August 3.  Thank you to all who helped with setting up, donations, providing food or opening your home for our evening meal and fundraiser (Thorne’s) and to our Board of Directors for the countless hours you contribute to keeping our association going.  The meeting minutes and financials are now posted in the members only section under meeting minutes.  

Additional report from the scholarship committee:

The auction, hat sales & recipe sale brought in $2,343.  Additional donations from Landowners and Community Bank brought in $2,100 bringing our Grand total to $4,443.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

The Scholarship Committee

Reminder – Sheep Creek 2019 Annual Meeting Aug. 3

Sheep Creek 2019 Annual Meeting will once again be held at the Red Bear in Horca beginning at 10:00 a.m. Auction Items will be on display at the Red Bear before and after the meeting. The Potluck and Scholarship Silent Auction Fundraiser will begin at 5:00 p.m. at the Thorne’s Residence,  49 River Run Drive in Sheep Creek. The Association will provide grilled brats with fixings, chips, cowboy beans and drinks.

Families with last names beginning with:

  • A-L are asked to bring a side or an appetizer
  • M-Z are asked to bring a dessert. 

Auction items will be on display and bids taken during the meal. The auction will be closed after the meal.

Updated Information from Jade Communications and our President, Clint Crowe

Important  updates – Members, the June 20, BOD Meeting Minutes have been posted in the Members Only section now.  A “Water Leak Policy” was approved at the meeting. This policy is attached to the minutes. Please be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the policy.  Clint has an update below concerning fiber optic installation timing.  Also, remember the SCLA Annual meeting is less than a month away http://sheepcreek.org/scla-annual-meeting-aug-3/ 

If you are interested in optic fiber Hi-Speed Internet for your cabin, placing a pre-order with JADE will get you on their initial installation phase.  For connection contact JADE in Alamosa for info or pre-order registration: (719) 589-5140.


Hi Clint and Chris,
I just wanted to write you an update for people in Bear Creek / Sheep Creek.
Due to strange circumstances (such as flooding), we are progressing slower than we’d like. As a result, we have hired another contractor to help us out.  I hope to start in Bear Creek / Sheep Creek in August-ish. We will be staging a huge push later this summer to connect all who’ve signed up. 
Thank you guys for your patience!
Josh Wehe
Jade Communications, LLC
129 Santa Fe Avenue | P.O. Box 1138, Alamosa, CO 81101 
Voice: 719-206-8124 | Office: 719-589-5140 | Website: gojade.org 



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ANNOUNCEMENTS – SCLA Annual Meeting Aug. 3 & Labor Day Weekend Clean-up

Read on to hear about changes this year to the Fundraiser and Dinner

Sheep Creek 2019 Annual Meeting will once again be held at the Red Bear in Horca beginning at 10:00 a.m. Auction Items will be on display at the Red Bear before and after the meeting. The Potluck and Scholarship Silent Auction Fundraiser will begin at 5:00 p.m. at the Thorne’s Residence,  49 River Run Drive in Sheep Creek. The Association will provide grilled brats with fixings, chips, cowboy beans and drinks.

Families with last names beginning with:

  • A-L are asked to bring a side or an appetizer
  • M-Z are asked to bring a dessert. 

Auction items will be on display and bids taken during the meal. The auction will be closed after the meal

Annual Labor Day Weekend Clean-Up – Have you noticed our beautiful view of Sheep Creek? Last year during our Annual Labor Day Weekend Clean-Up, we had our whole community involved and working. We were able to split into groups and get all debris and deadfall that was stacked by our roads mulched. We also have a much-improved view of Sheep Creek thanks to the time and dedication of our clean-up crews. A huge thank-you to everyone.

All Sheep Creek landowners are encouraged to take advantage of this year’s Labor Day Weekend Clean-Up by removing limbs, debris, and deadfall from your property and placing it beside Rivier Run Drive, or your side road, where it can be easily reached by the mulching machine.
This yearly property clean-up not only helps keep Sheep Creek the beautiful place that it is but also helps with fire prevention. We are a designated Firewise Community and our Labor Day weekend clean-up projects help us retain this status. Remember that being a Firewise Community may also help you receive a deduction on your home and property insurance.
So put our Labor Day Weekend Clean-Up on your calendar. Digital? Paper? Whichever you use, be sure to “save the date”. Have your property ready with debris by the road. And join us for this Sheep Creek community event! 
Oh, and did I mention that there is often a fun casual get-together afterward?! See you then!


Important Announcements – High water and upcoming meetings re: Water and Fire Preparedness

Updates as of 6/15/19

Unofficially, here is what is being forecast.  A helicopter fly-over on Tuesday – over the upper basin area – indicated what most assumed, there remains “tons of snow” in the high country.  Platoro is filling at an amazing rate (now holding around 25,000 acre feet).  To reduce the impact, a minimal flow has been released over the past week or so, but that will need to change as the lake level nears capacity/conservation level.  We are hearing that approximately five days remain before excess water will be leaving the reservoir. (this was as of 6/13)

If the snow melt continues at the current rate AND the water being held in Platoro begins to be released at the same rate that it is currently filling – by early next week, we may indeed have a combined and significant runoff for some time to come.

Other area updates – Lake City has issued sand bags to residents given their high-water situation.  A bridge in Sanford has been compromised.  The Rio de De los Pinos is flowing three times the normal rate.  The forestry staff may be deployed this weekend to alert areas of great concern.  And the list continues to grow.

Here are new URL links for Water flows and information as well:

  • The Conejos flow remains constant, reaching over 2,000 CFS each morning for the past week.  Something like 2,250 is the peak so far.
  • Platoro has rapidly filled up to 33,632 acre feet – a significant rise up from around 18,000 nine days ago.
  • The snow pack is estimated (by the best educated guessers) at 60%.
  • The forest service has posted official notices at the Red Bear for all to read – they concern road and campground closures.  The contact is Tom Malacek, Deputy Forest Supervisor – 719-849-3581.
  • Locally, NFSR 250 (Alamosa Canyon Road) is closed from NFSR 260 to Stunner.
  • Several sources for sandbags are available.  Much discussion yesterday as to the value at this stage.
  • Downstream, all 165 water-use priorities have been advised to open their irrigation gates at will.
  • Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 10:am, the Core of Engineers will host a meeting of concerned citizens at the Conejos Courthouse.  Local water administrator Nathan Combs is expected to be in attendance.
  • In Horca, the main road on the cabin side remains flooded in spots and overflow water is gently moving throughout most of the area.  One RV pad on the west side is surrounded by water.  Some are preemptively moving their RVs to higher ground. 
  • Many in the lowest-lying areas are taking the time and effort to raise up mainly garage items – such as freezers, extra refrigerators, etc.
  • On June 27th, from 5-7pm, Adam Moore, Andrea Jones, and Rodney King (and others) will host a community meeting in the Red Bear.  The topics center on evacuations, emergency kits, and the like in the event of fires/floods.  They will be available to answer many of your questions.  All of the precious grasses now green will someday turn brown – thus the concern of fuel for wildfires.  Seems we have to be prepared for all concerns.  Our vigilance does pay off.
  • Last point.  Sometime this next week there is the possibility that the Conejos will run even higher.  A combination of natural run-off from all the tributaries and release (if needed) from the Platoro Reservoir may combine for a much higher than normal CFS. 
  • Official notices will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, please stay vigilant and be as prepared as possible.  And as those of us currently here know, no river activity is deemed safe at this time.  The risk is highly elevated.

Conejos Co. Willow Pit Open to County Residents – Schedule


SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2019

TIME: 9:00 AM TO 2:00 PM

Board of Directors Meeting 3/20, 6:00 p.m. MDT

There will be a first quarter 2019 conference call scheduled for 3/20 at 6 pm
Please call 1-866-398-2885;  passcode 687701 to .join
This should be a short meeting to discuss
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • ARC Updates
  • Annual Meeting options for meal
  • Sheep Creek current road conditions and possible options.
If you have a topic for discussion, let Leah, ltpopins@aol.com know and we’ll add it to the agenda.
Thank you,
Clint Crowe, President